Office Management 101 is an isometric business simulator envisioned in the image of tycoon classics. Poking fun at the corporate world, the game features quirky characters, slapstick humor, and unexpected events in a cheerful and detailed capitalist dystopia.

As the CEO of a fresh consumer electronics company you must hire employees, design your office and turn your humble firm into a ruthless money-making machine. A deep system of employee productivity and social interactions combined with procedural generation allows a variety of playstyles. You are the boss now!

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Master the art of Office Archidecture!


Recruit, underpay and overwork your workforce!


Devise high-priced products for gullible consumers!


Annihilate the competition by any means necessary!


Engage in a corporate plot of EPIC proportions!


Follow your own path to glory in Freeplay and Sandbox Modes!

"Work Sucks, but this Office Management 101 demo doesn't"

"I want to know more about how this game is made."

"... fans of Bullfrog strategy games may have something to keep an eye on."

"It’s deeply sinister, but pretty entertaining, in the same way that committing senseless violence in Grand Theft Auto is appealing."